Road Testing Our New Wooden Floral Wreath

It’s always exciting when a new idea comes to life. Our new hanging flower chandelier has been on the back burner for about 6 months and we finally had time late last year to get my really crap drawings made up.

We try not to waste anything in the production of our products and the cutting process from the chandeliers also created a new large wooden floral hoop. An excellent result.

With Christmas over and the creative side of my brain eager for a workout, I decided to road test the new wooden floral hoop and see how easy it is to use.

I kicked off the exercise with an early morning trip to the Sydney flower markets for colourful blooms.The ring is 64cm in diameter which makes it ‘supper sized’ on the floral wreath front. The easiest way to cover it in blooms is to make lots of flower clusters and layer these tightly together on top of each other around the ring. I went for small and colourful clusters. I’ll save big and crazy for another time.


First I created the flower clusters and wired them together with floral twine. If you have floral tape this is better because it holds in more moisture for the flowers and they’ll last longer. I forgot to buy a new roll of tape, so made do with the twine.


Once I worked out my general look I layered the flower clusters on to the wooden hoop and wired them down with florist wire (stronger than the twine). There are eleven clusters on the finished floral wreath. It took me an hour to do and I’m please to say it was supper easy. This new wooden floral hoop will be available for hire from February. It’s a great way to add floral impact with minimum effort.

Frith Hucks | Chief Floral Wrangler | Rainy Sunday

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