Styling A Beach Inspired Wedding

Beach Inspired Wedding Styling from Rainy Sunday What do you when a bride-to-be comes to you with a brief to style her beach inspired wedding without a shell or grain of stand in sight? If you scroll through Pinterest up pops a stream of images with – you guessed it – shells, sand and starfish. Everything screams Hamptons beach style and there isn’t too much else.  Pinterest is a dead end.

So the best place to start is with colour. Layering colour is a great way to inspire a theme or a mood at your wedding without screaming it from the roof tops. With a beach inspired wedding the first colours that spring to mind are the beautiful colours of the ocean. That palette of blues and greens that we all associate with the beach. By layering these colours through your wedding decor and flowers you can bring the ocean to life.

Beach Inspired Wedding Styling

Floral Tones

Colour Layering












The trick to colour laying is not to over do it. Pick some ‘highlight’ design features in your wedding styling and make them the hero to pull everything together. You can see it done here with the menu cards. With your colour ideas sorted you need to introduce texture. Colour alone won’t complete the style – you run the risk of it looking flat without texture. Obviously the table flowers will add fantastic colour, but a beach inspired theme lends itself to some fantastic textures like rope and wood.

Wedding Styling Ideas from Rainy Sunday

Adding Texture

Rope Detail










If you’ve got a wedding brief you’d like us to look at then drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you. Rainy Sunday offers a range of wedding styling services to suit all budgets, including Afterpay. Our initial styling proposal and estimate is free of charge, so you get to try before you buy. Clients have told us we go the extra mile to help them envisage what their dream wedding will be like from day one. We are great listeners. (All images sourced from Pinterest. Sorry, I know that’s a bit crappy to not credit the source, it just takes forever.)

Frith Hucks | Chief Floral Wrangler and Stylist | Rainy Sunday

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