Flower Styling with a Modern Twist – The HOME Vase

Flower Styling

Create an all-out flamboyant arrangement of blooms.

Since starting Rainy Sunday my flower styling has evolved and I’ve got more adventurous. I think my style has also been influenced the current trend for big flamboyant flowers. To cater for my growing enthusiasm I designed our HOME vase – a unique, yet simple design that looks good with one flower stem or 20.

That’s often the problem with vases – they’re only good for one style of flower arrangement and that leads to a cupboard over flowing with vases. With the HOME Vase you’re got the flexibility to arrange your flowers in lots of different ways.

You can also use lots of different types of flowers. Seen here you’ve got Australian natives with snap dragons, a simple cluster of roses or a spring flower arrangement. All using the same simple, yet modern vase.


Home Flower Vase by Rainy Sunday

HOME Vase Colour Range

Spring Flower Arrangement from Rainy Sunday

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