Sunday Floral Flower Box Fun

A gloomy Sunday is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and have some floral flower box fun. This afternoon I used the left overs from yesterday’s flower class to get create a simple and soft arrangement in Rainy Sunday’s 5 jar flower box.

Floral Flower Box

My Flower Selection

The flowers I had to work with were limited – a challenge I like because it forces me to think more creatively. On offer were gum leaves, dusty lilac roses, two tone carnations and leucadendron. An eclectic mix, but fun all the same.

Carnations seem to be having a revival these days. They are popping up more regularly at the flower markets in interesting colours and shades. Leucadendrons are also available in a heap of interesting shades.


The Floral Workbench

With my flower selection made,  I took off all the leaves and snipped the stems. Then it was just a case of clustering them in a soft, delicate way. If you’ve seen other arrangements I’ve done, you’ll know I’m a fan of the ‘rambler’ – a deconstructed approach to arranging flowers.

And this interesting collection of flowers lent itself perfectly to my kind of style – who would have thought. Never again will I bad mouth the carnation.

Frith Hucks | Chief Flower Wrangler | Rainy Sunday



Floral Flower Box by Rainy Sunday

Sunday Floral Arrangement

Carnations and Lucadendrons

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