Sting Ball Vase – A DIY Guide by Rainy Sunday

String ball Decorations Made by Rainy SundayAs stylists we are always thinking of new ideas for our clients. Ideas that won’t blow their budget, but will add impact and a WOW factor.

The faithful flower jar has seen it’s fair share of use at weddings and parties these days. There are many ways to dress them up and make them more decorative, but at Rainy Sunday we wanted to come up with something more interesting for a modern wedding.

So armed with jars, string, PVA glue and some balloons we’ve created this String Ball Vase.

Here’s how to make them.

String Ball Vases by Rainy Sunday1. Blow up the balloons so they are the same height as your chosen jars.

2. Cut off lengths of string to cover in PVA glue and wrap around the balloon. We’ve used a heavy duty jute string because it gives more support and you don’t need to use as much.

3. Wrap as much PVA covered string around the balloons as you want for your desired effect. We did ours with about three sections of string. This makes it easier than one long pieces of sting over the balloon.

Rainy Sunday String Ball Vase


4. Let it dry for 24hrs then pop the balloon. Cut out the top of your sting ball to make room to slip in your jar. We’ve used our Rainy Sunday Flower jars, but you can use any jar you like.

5. Arrange your flowers as you would with any other flower jar. A low hanging rambling floral style really suits these string ball vases.

The possibilities are endless. We hung some of the string balls with the flowers arranged in a small block of Oasis to help them last. You could even paint the sting to co-ordinate with the colour palette of your special event or wedding.

Happy making.

Frith Hucks | Chief Flower Wrangler | Rainy Sunday

Decorated Flower Jars by Rainy Sunday

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