Flower Crown DIY Kit


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Making a flower crown isn’t difficult. You just need the right equipment and some step-by-step instructions with lots of easy-to-follow pictures. Well that’s exactly what you’ll find in our Flower Crown DIY Kit. You just add the fresh flowers and you’re got yourself a fun birthday party game or hens activity on a budget.

In the kit you’ll find a ready-made wire crown that’s been covered in floral tape for added strength and grip. There is a roll of floristry tape to bind your flower clusters together, along with floral wire used to bind the flowers to the crown. In fact there are two sets of wire, so you can re-use the kit multiple times. You’ll be a flower crown whizz before you know it.

There is also a printed poster guide with colourful instructions that are easy to follow. We show you the simple steps to creating your own flower crown.

Making flower crowns with fresh flowers is a lot of fun. You get to chose the flowers you like in the colours you enjoy. Each flower crown uses about 25-30 stems (5-6 bunches) and it’s suggested  you go for 3 different flower varieties. With a quick trip to the local market, florist or even Woolies you can grab what you need.

$24 each including ready made crown, ribbon, wire, floristry tape and step-by-step poster guide. FLOWERS NOT INCLUDED.

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 21 × 6 × 15 cm
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