Courtney & Mash

Wedding styling & floral design Rainy Sunday
Location Camperdown Commons
Photographer Scott Surplice

This Camperdown Commons wedding started with a twist. Guests thought they were coming to Courtney & Mash’s engagement party. The sneaky couple did a very quick dress change after guests arrived and hey presto, it’s a wedding. It was a fantastic surprise, that court everyone out.

For us, the trick with the styling was to not give the game away when guests arrived. It couldn’t look ‘wedding-y’, but there needed to be a beautiful area for the vows to take place.

To get around this, we used the backdrop in the pavilion at Camperdown Commons as a feature with floral hoops. The hoops went the full length of the pavilion. In the centre of the backdrop was the largest hoop which was dressed in beautiful Australian native flowers. When guests arrived it just seemed like part of the party styling, but after the wedding reveal it became the ceremony back drop. It worked perfectly.

The couple were framed perfectly with flowers in the hoop for the ceremony photos. The hanging hoops were custom designed by us to work at any height.

Camperdown Commons is a beautiful natural space and we made sure our rustic styling was in keeping with the setting. Courtney & Nash were a very fun couple, so we included lovely colourful Australia native flowers in the rustic style. Courtney’s rustic bouquet was definitely a highlight to create. She gave us complete creative control and was ecstatic with the result. We combined a giant ice white king protea with interesting warm toned flowers and winter foliage. This matched the flowers we used in the hanging ceremony hoop.

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