Sodastream Pastel Launch

Event design and styling Rainy Sunday
Client SodaStream
Location Poolside Cafe at Andrew (Boy) Chartlon

This product launch styling we did for Sodastream had a fun tutti fruiti vibe. The influencer event at Poolside Cafe at Andrew (Boy) Chartlon was for the launch of their limited edition pastel range. To showcase the product the event was a mocktail masterclass and included a celebrity guest and demonstration.

When you’re designing an influencer event – or any event these days – you need to make sure the styling includes ample photo ready moments and set ups. Areas and layouts that are very photogenic and guests can easily snap for social media.

Since colour and cocktails were two key ingredients of this event, we introduced this into our product launch styling with a tutti fuitti vibe. We used lush fruit and flowers in blocks of colour that highlighted the colours of the new sodastream machines. This was a great way to give the new colours their own stand out moment through the styling. We made sure the products were elevated at different heights on the product tables. This made the displays look more dynamic, which is important when you are styling products next to each other.

We also knew that the venue for the event had floor to ceiling windows with a huge amount of natural light. Regardless of the weather our product displays would pop with colour for influencer’s social media photos.

The mocktail stations were also set up the be very photogenic and colourful. We selected utensils that were bright and colourful and added to our tutti fruiti styling vibe. We incorporated lovely colourful fruit and herbs to finish off the station styling.

This meant every aspect of the product launch set up for guests to take great photos and share on their socials.

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