Jansz Tasmania Content Creation

Social media content styling is something we really enjoy doing. Often it’s a very full and jam packed day ‘speed styling’ to get as may photographs and videos as possible. Something we thrive on. It’s the kind of styling were you need to be full of ideas and quick at executing them.

With Jansz Tasmania social media content is required for all their sparkling wine range in a one day shoot. Each bottle has different tastes and flavours and the content styling has to reflect this. To make sure this is possible in one day, we do a lot of preparation before shooting takes place. We work with our clients to create a run sheet of the styling set ups that are required for the day. From this list we source all the items needed along with other items that might come in handy.

The key to successful content styling is clear run-sheet and being prepared with options – lots and lots of options.

Social media content styling Rainy Sunday
Photographer Lawrence Furzey
Client Jansz Tasmania

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