Helena & Tom

Sydney Wedding Designer Rainy Sunday
Venue Athol Hall
Photographer Full Heats Co

Helena & Tom were looking for a Sydney wedding designer who would understand their colour aesthetic and boho style. They happened upon Rainy Sunday and it was a true meeting of the minds.

Colour is our thing. We love bringing together wedding colour palettes that aren’t traditional. A twist to the styling that creates the unexpected.

We talked at length with Helena about how to create an eclectic boho colour palette and use it through the elements of her wedding styling. The trick is to use a lot of different textures in complementary tones and add vibrant colour as a ‘pop’ of contrast.

Our chat also included talking about what flowers and foliage would be the best to create the desired boho style.
Together we decided that the wedding flowers would be a big focal point of the overall styling. Working at Athol Hall meant we had a great blank canvas to work with. It also meant hanging flowers were a ‘must have’. Those beautiful white beams were just screaming for a Rainy Sunday floral creation.

Helena had done hours of research looking for references to the style and flowers she wanted for her wedding. It’s great when clients do this, because it gives us an excellent starting point to understand their style. It’s not uncommon for couples to talk about one style only to show us pictures of something completely different. Our job is to pick apart the components of the images our client share and come up with an overall wedding style that is truly theirs.

Preparation began months before Helena & Tom’s wedding. We wanted the focal point of their reception to be a huge floral installation hanging above the dance floor. To nail this boho style we needed texture and lots of it. So we foraged. We collected mother natures cast offs wherever we went and stock piled it all at our studio. This is something we do as part of our Planet Conscious Approach to styling and floral design.

It was well worth the preparation and effort to deliver this beautiful boho wedding. Helena and Tom were incredibly happy and that’s all any Sydney wedding designer can ask for.

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