Sarah & Brent

Wedding stylist Rainy Sunday
Photographer The Beautiful Collective
Ceremony venue Camperdown Commons
Reception and food Acre Eatery

When you’re a wedding stylist you get to work with a lot of lovely couples and this wedding at Camperdown Commons and Acre Eatery was no exception. Sarah and Brent were the epitome of casual. Noting really phased them when we planned their wedding. In fact they were so relaxed they forgot to tell us they had decided to include bridal flowers for the entire bridal party, rather than just for themselves. We worked this out the day before their wedding. Not to worry, it was easily fixed.

The wedding styling inspiration came from Sarah’s dress. When we first met, she shared a piece of the fabric – an intricate embroidered tulle with peonies and roses in super soft pastel shades. It was truly dreamy.

Armed with this stunning piece of material, we got to work on planning and styling their wedding. The bride was going to look very romantic, but the couple where quite modern in their ideas on a wedding celebration. Our job as a wedding stylist is to bring these different styles and themes together and make sure the wedding is a true reflection of the couple. We called the wedding style modern romantic and styled everything around this theme.

The colour palette and floral design we suggested was more romantic. The colours were a combination of pastel shades from Sarah’s wedding dress along with some darker shades of burgundy, chocolate and plum. The key flowers we chose where dahlias, tulips and anemones. We wanted to avoid the ‘romantic roses’ style and go for something more modern and interesting.

The couple’s wedding ceremony took place in the pavilion at Camperdown Commons. The main feature of their ceremony was a 2 metre wide hanging floral feature. This is a more modern way to create a wedding arch and it is an excellent way to frame the couple for their photographs. Sarah and Brent were on the shorter side, so we were able to position the hanging flowers in exactly the right spot for them. Wedding arches often tower above couples and the flowers are sky high.

For the reception at Acre Eatery we re-used the flowers from the ceremony and used them as floral runners down the tables. To add more romance and soft lighting, we included candles with the floral runners. Sarah & Brent opted out of a traditional bridal table. Knowing they would be the focus of photos we styled the area in front of them to be photo ready.

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