Arnika & Stu

Wedding styling and floral design Rainy Sunday
Photographer Soulmade Stories
Location Camperdown Commons

Large scale hanging wedding flowers is something Rainy Sunday has become known for. So when Arnika & Stu asked us to style their Camperdown Commons wedding and add hanging flowers that were just layers of greenery, we were in. Normally we get asked to go nuts with flowers and this brief was the opposite. It required a paired back and well thought out floral design with foliage. Sans an abundance of flowers.

Now it might sound easy to create stunning hanging wedding flowers using just greenery, but the reality is it’s not so simple. Large scale floral arrangements are made interesting through the use of textures. Well to be precise the layering of floral texture and colour. When you construct hanging flowers with greenery you needed to think a lot about how you layer the different shades of greenery and also the different textures available. You need to think about how you’ll use them to make features and points of interest in the hanging flower arrangement. Without it, the greenery can be come one dimensional and not nearly as interesting and dynamic.

Arnika & Stu wanted a very organic, rustic style wedding with a large scale hanging flower arrangement for their ceremony backdrop. When we created the hanging florals we positioned then at the perfect height, so they would make a frame of soft greenery for the couple’s photos. Positioning is just as important as composition. Especially when it comes to hanging flowers.

This particular hanging wedding flower feature was about 2m in length. We used a lot of different greenery including spider fern and asparagus fern. We also used large branches of birch leaf and gum for the overall volume and shape. To ensure it looked balanced, it was off set with a complementary green foliage arrangement on the floor. Symmetry is important when you’re creating large scale hanging florals.

You can take a look at another large scale hanging flowers we’ve done with lots of layering and texture here.

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