Zero for HSBC Investments

These days a good sustainable corporate event stylist needs to think and deliver with recycling and repurpose in mind – not just a visual look that creates waste. Event design and delivery needs to be built around creating zero waste and minimal environmental impact. This is what clients have a right to expect and what our planet needs. It’s also the reason, whiteGREY came to us for the event styling of HSBC Investment’s gala dinner at The Caylx

We have embedded sustainable and zero waste practices in our corporate event styling, so that we deliver Eco-friendly events. This gala dinner event though, called for an extra layer of rigor. There needed to be absolutely zero waste created. Nothing could go into landfill.

It sounds easy right? Just recycle everything and you’ll be good. Well it’s quite as east as that. Corporate event stylists always need things like duct tape and cellotape to construct things quickly. They’re like our go-to tools, but for this job we couldn’t use them. We had to re-think the way we did things and use different materials that were not single-use plastics. Instead we used things like chicken wire and string.

A perfect example on our sustainable event styling approach  – we recycle Who Gives A Crap toilet rolls and made them into vase stands for the table. A simple but effective way to avoid buying something and re-using every day materials.

We also made sure that all the elements from our beautiful tablescapes could be repurposes at Reverse Garbage or donated to Oz Harvest and re-distributed to people in need. Nearly 100kg of produce was used for the table styling at this event,  to create the organic garden table runner down each table.

Once the event was over, all this produce was distributed via Oz Harvest and repurposed into meals for those who need it.  Oz Harvest allows us to style these grand tablescapes in a sustainable way with no waste. This means we don’t have to compromise on our creative vision because we have sustainable ways to execute our bold ideas

Agency whiteGREY
Client HSBC
Venue Caylx, Royal Botanical Garden
Sustainable Corporate Event Stylist Rainy Sunday  
Furniture Event Hire Services 
Crockery & Cutlery Event Hire Services
Velvet Napkins Simply Seated
Candles Hall of Flame 
Recycled Toilet Roll Vases Who Gives A Crap
Food Donation Oz Harvest

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