Scape X TikTok

Agency Havas Blvd
Client Scape
Event Design & Styling Rainy Sunday 
Furniture Harry the Hirer  
Crockery & Cutlery Simply Seated  
Candles Twinkling Tabletops 
Pasta Bowls & Egg Cups In the Round House

Being a TikTok event stylist, is a bit like being a theatre director. You set the stage and let the creators do their thing.

To set the stage for this pop-up dining experience at Scape, we had to start from scratch. Everything had to be bought in to create this event.

We started with the colour palette, taking inspiration from the colourful and vibrant interior decor at Scape. Next we planed how we would incorporate the fun food elements.. This event had to be styled in a way that added to the dining experience and delivered content rich opportunities for the guests to film.

Our creative vision was to deliver a ‘visual feast’ that was unexpected and fun. For this idea to work, we needed to add lots of different layers to the styling – so layering different colour and layering different shapes.

Often you can build a style around a particular shape to draw a visual connection across your event. In this case it was the wave and the frill as we liked to call it. The chairs, the dinner plates, the menus, the candles – all had waves and curves to them. Even the egg cups had a wavy decoration on them.

We used things like pasta bowls and egg cups in unusual ways that would spark intrigue. The wavy candles we used in packets of jelly were just for decoration and not for lighting. They became part of the wild, colourful tablescape that we styled for every table.

The styling of the tablescape features meant every guest had a beautifully curated backdrop to enable them to shoot their social content. This is a really important part of event planning for a tiktok event stylist. You need to think about how your guests can curate their content and how it will stand out on social platforms, like TikTok and Instagram. The event design and styling needs to deliver curated content that’s translates well through a phone. No easy feat for any event stylist. Lucky we’re always bringing with strong visual ideas for our cleints.

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