Vegie Delights World Vegan Day

One of the highlights of the vegan event styling we’ve done, was World Vegan Day. We worked with Vegie Delights to design an event for media and social media influencers to listen to influential vegan speakers and sample their latest vegan products.

The outdoor event was held in the courtyard at La Porte Space. It included vegan product displays, an insta-worthy media wall and sit down lunch for 30 guests. We built our concept around the existing potted plants and added layers of greenery and produce, to make guests feel like they were in an urban garden.

We also wanted to add a sensory level for guests and used lots of fragrant herbs. Herbs were used through the product displays and also on the long lunch table. Guests were welcome to the event with smells of fresh basil and thyme wafting through the courtyard.

To create an interesting tablescape down the long lunch table, we used raised Wooden Platters and added garden fresh elements underneath. The colour palette for the table was drawn from the colours of the courtyard.

With all vegan event styling we make sure no animal products used. At the end of this event all the produce was donated to Wayside Chapel as part of our Planet Conscious Approach to event styling. We also donated the crockery to Vinnies so we didn’t have any single use items at the event.

Event design and styling Rainy Sunday
Location La Porte Space
Photographer Anna Kucera
Client Vegie Delights
Styled produce donated to Wayside Chapel

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