Table Centrepiece Styling TOP TIPS

Tablescape Styling
Styling Tip 1.

Get Creative

The job of a great table centrepiece is to create a point of interest on the table. It draws the eye and acts like an anchor for your styling. It should connect with all the other elements of the table – be it colour, shape or just a chosen theme.

Often the default for a centrepiece is flowers. Our top tip for table centrepiece styling is to do away with the rules and get creative. It doesn’t have to be all about flowers. Think about other ways you could add a centrepiece feature to your table.

Here we’ve made a super fun centrepiece using candles. It’s been raised off the table to add drama and size.

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Styling Tip 2.

Have fun

Getting creative is closely followed by having fun when you throw out the rule book for table centrepiece styling. We love to get playful by combining materials and elements.

Here we have used a slice of water melon as the centrepiece anchor and used it for our candles and flower feature. You can see that we’ve also added extra pieces in the base of the centrepiece to make it more unusual.

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Table Centrepiece Styling Tips
Styling Tip 3.

Getting Proportions Right

One of our top table centrepiece styling tips is getting your proportions right. You need to think about the size and scale of your table centrepiece, in relation to the size of the table.

If you have a large table, you’ll need to plan a larger centrepiece to deliver the drama. A piece that is too small, won’t stand out on the table.

It can also be challenging when proportions require you to use a large centrepiece. Often it can block the view across the table for guest. This is a big no-no.

To get around this, we often use elongated stems or tall fine branches to make the centrepiece look large, without the volume and guest disruption.

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