Byte at Shell House

Agency Candid Comms
Client Byte
Media Event Styling Rainy Sunday 
Custom Design Product Display Stands Rainy Sunday 
Venue Shell House

Styling events at Shell House in Sydney is always a pleasure. It’s been beautifully refurbished with a great indoor outdoor flow. This suits small hosted events well. Media are invited to so many events, you need to make sure your media event styling stands out.

For this event wee styled an intimate lunch and roof top product display. Byte’s modern brand colour palette was weaved throughout the styling – from the flowers to the custom made product stands. Everything referenced the brand’s strong colours.

Guests were treated to a lovely lunch with guest speakers who demonstrated the key benefits of Byte’s product range. We were careful not to ‘over style’ the tables and just add small decorative touches. Sometimes less is more.

For the product displays we designed custom made stands. The stands were made at 3 different heights with crisp, modern flowers decorating the base. The end result was a modern looking product display, that was both eye catching and photogenic.

When we style events – large or small – we always look for ways to make sure they are ‘content rich’ for sharing on socials. By adding styling in strategic spots, we were able to take advantage of the roof top views and photographic areas.

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