Zero Co Eco-Friendly Products

Client Zero Co
Concept, Styling and Photography Rainy Sunday

Styling of eco-friendly products is something we really enjoy. Anything that benefits the planet is right up our alley. Zero Co have a fantastic range of home cleaning products that helps eliminate single use plastics (SUP) in homes across Australia.

The brief was to make the products look as good on the outside as they are on the inside. Each product has a lovely combinations of fragrances and we used this as a feature for each product story. Their brand has a cheeky side to it too, so we bought this to life through styling that was fun and playful

We used things like cucumber and thyme in interesting and unexpected ways. By doing things in a way that’s unexpected it increases the product’s standout potential. Imagery needs to be scroll stopping these days. These kinds of metrics are always at the back of our minds when we’re planning concepts for clients. One of the many benefits of working with Rainy Sunday is that we test a lot of our ideas first to see what engagement is like.

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